Let the ocean take care of you

Certified by EUROFINS following the European Union's CWA regulation, PYRATES has created natural, reusable face masks which will maintain a superior breathability, whilst taking care of your skin thanks to its interior PYRATEX® cosmetic II composition.


This skin caring fabric is made from seacell, a USDA certified biobased fiber with an anti oxidative capacity eliminating free radicals, while caring for the wearer's skin, successfully treating neurodermatitis and psoriasis.   

Seacell originates from the Northern Atlantic, and its high content in vitamin E and minerals such as sodium, magnesium or calcium ensure its anti oxidative capacity. It equally inhibits the formation of free reactive oxygen species, which are formed in living organisms when in contact with oxygen and act by attacking the genetic material of cells. 

The seacell fiber is blended with GOTS certified organic cotton, produced and certified to organic agricultural standards.


Seaweed contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals beneficial for the skin.

Eliminates free radicals

Captures reactive oxygen species, preventing them from interacting with the skin and damaging it. 

Anti irritation

Fiber is proven to be compatible with human skin cells (keratinocytes).


PYRATEX® face masks minimize the projection of user's respiratory droplets, saliva, sputum or respiratory secretions when talking, coughing or sneezing. This face covering may also limit penetration in the user’s area of nose and mouth of the respiratory droplets from external origin without claiming the user protection. It also prevents this user’s area from any contact with the hands. 


Our face masks are intended for use by people not displaying any clinical symptoms of viral or bacterial infection and who do not come into contact with people displaying such symptoms. 


It must be noted that PYRATEX® masks will have maximum effectiveness if worn in direct contact with bare skin. 


Filtration efficiency of the material 

After 5 washes, the filtration efficiency to particles around 3 (± 0,5) μm is equal to 70%. 



The colours on the inside of our face masks are obtained from dyes which come from nature. They have minimum environmental impact, since they come from natural sources; they are not harmful to the environment, are biodegradable, and obtained from renewable sources.


The use of natural dyes equally avoids allergies related to chemical products. Due to resins and formaldehyde, clothing is one of the primary causes of dermatitis and allergic reactions, yet the absence of toxic waste in naturally dyed fabrics makes them more pleasant and beneficial to the skin.


If a PYRATEX® face mask is damaged or has reached its recommended service life, it can be disposed of with normal waste after cleaning, in a bin fitted with a plastic bag. Double bagging is recommended to retain the contents of the first bag in the case of tearing of the outer bag during collection. 


There are eco-friendly waste management organisations responsible for collecting used textiles for recycling. As with all household waste, it is advisable to contact your local council for information about the appropriate collection point, stating that it is for reusable face masks. 


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If you are ill, this face covering is unsuitable. Seek advice from your doctor.


This community face mask is not a medical device within the meaning of Directive 93/42/CEE or Regulation EU/2017/745 (surgical masks) nor is it personal protective equipment in the sense of Regulation EU/2016/425 (respiratory protective devices).


Always check that the PYRATEX® mask is correctly fitted and covers your nose, mouth and chin. It is recommended that this face covering be worn on bare skin; beards can reduce the filtration efficiency to below the limits set out.


PYRATEX® face coverings are not suitable for children under 3 years of age. It is recommended that children between 3 and 12 years are supervised while wearing the community face covering. It can take time to become comfortable with the face covering.


This community face covering does not replace protective measures (regular hand-washing, physical separation, reduced contact with other people). It minimises the projection of user's respiratory droplets saliva into the environment.


Do not use when participating in vigorous physical activity.


Stop using this product at the first signs of damage.


Do not use dry cleaning and fabric softener.


Clean the reusable community face covering after each use.