Our PYRATEX® are luxury knit fabrics made from either vegetal, upcycled or biodegradable fibres, of European origin in their majority. The vegetal fibres originate each from a different planet, which gives the fabric its unique body-caring properties, all tested and certified by European textile institutes.

The active components in PYRATEX® fabrics are not injected nor added, they are naturally occurring in the plant we make the fabric from, and thus have no expiration date, nor do they wash away.

Our production


All our PYRATEX® are knit in Europe, thus increasing our capacity to control and have full traceability of our production chain and techniques, as well as reducing the distance, and therefore CO2 emissions, between each step ·

In 2019, we received the European Union’s Horizon2020 grant, thus confirming our position as an innovative European textile company · 

innovative vegetal natural fabric
PYRATEX freshness innovative natural fabric

About us

Established in 2014 and run by Y-generation women, PYRATES smart fabrics develops and supplies its eco-responsible & quality driven PYRATEX® fabrics, made with innovative natural fibers which make the final fabrics functional and rich in body benefitting properties ·


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