As a company, we want to contribute to the advancement of innovation and sustainability in the fashion industry. We think the best way to do this is by sharing our technology. Following 2 years of PYRATEX® commercialisation and winning a number of awards and recognitions as pioneers of European textile innovation, our team has gained experience in textile R&D, B2B, and B2C business. This allows us to offer a 360º degree service to our clients. 


PYRATEX® is a registered brand of natural, property rich knit fabrics that is owned by PYRATES smart fabrics. The innovative properties of our fiber blends makes it very important for us that our clients properly communicate our brand guidelines. Moreover, that they follow all the parameters regarding the labelling and description of our PYRATEX® fabrics.

Our naturally innovative products can be co-created with each brand in order to adjust to their specific aesthetic, functionality or structural needs. This involves deep, stable collaborations which may involve textile R&D, all the way to production, as well as assisting each brands’ teams on how to successfully explain the innovative fabrics to their own clients.

FEEL GOOD COUTURE™ is a lifestyle brand of heart-crafted, high quality stylish clothes on a mission to normalise skin conditions. Their first collection is made from our skin-caring, superiorly soft PYRATEX® power fabric ·

We have partnered with Zimele Ecowear to create an earth and skin-friendly underwear, made from our PYRATEX® cosmetic I and PYRATEX® freshness I fabrics. 

Recycled materials have never felt so good! WONDER ACTIVE has launched the ultimate sustainable workout collection, made from our breathable PYRATEX® N3: a contour-fitting, compressive and durable fabric, made from QNova recycled polyamide and X-Lyfe Lycra ·

"Be smart. Wear a mask." 

Shohei has used our fabrics in the construction of their Smart Mask range, employing PYRATEX® health II in the making of their Smart Mask Bio #01 and PYRATEX ® power I for their Smart Mask Power #01 ·

Celebrating International Women's Day 2020, ASICS launched a sustainable yoga capsule collection, made by women and for women, using our  naturally-dyed PYRATEX® fabrics ·

We partner and collaborate with PANGAIA in different production topics of knitted fabrics, R&D projects and B2B business for the FLWRDWN™ technology ·

Mama Matters has launched the world's first sustainable, naturally body-caring leggings, made from PYRATEX®, that encourage relaxation and wellbeing for future mums ·


We developed a custom skin caring and detoxifying garment made from PYRATEX® cosmetic II for Marina Testino's PFW AW19 sustainable initiative #yellowlikealemon ·

David Massa

Our collaboration with photographer David Massa Gonzalez @massacosmica, featuring models Clara Muñiz Torres-Pardo @claramuniz and Faly @falyy_o ·

NY-based brand Haute Hijab has partnered with us & introduced the ultimate underscarf made with PYRATEX® freshness: relentlessly innovative, effortlessly versatile, and unbelievably comfortable ·

Our smart fabric has been used to craft underscarves carefully designed to smooth and contain the wearer’s hair, while providing a truly custom fit that feels weightless, secure – and never stifling: say hello to the future of hijab ·

Designer Karim Adduchi used PYRATEX® power in his Fall/Winter 2019-2020 collection, presented at the official Program of Paris Fashion Week ·

You will find touches of our PYRATEX® fabrics in Tamara Falcó Preyler's eponymous brand's AW1819 collection, co-produced with PYRATES ·

Bagouve is Artwear: the fusion between fashion and art, utilising fashion as the vessel of the creative expression of one’s identity, allowing individuals to convey their personality through apparel made in collaboration with PYRATES,  inspired by iconic masterpieces ·

Collaboration with new brand Natalie Page, hand-made in New York, focusing on craftsmanship, technology and sustainability · 

The PYRATES x CLANDESTIN, La Marca’s exclusive new-concept gym in Madrid, collab is all about a shared belief in a healthy lifestyle through food, sport,  as well as what we wear, thus introducing all-natural t-shirts that are perfect for their community of active people seeking something more than a workout ·

Mexican it twins Paulina (@pcer) and Fernanda Cervantes (@fernando_cervantes), fashion & business icons and founders of Beatness gym, share their lifestyles, exercise routines & best healthy recipes with their over 20K Instagram followers, and have launched their activewear label Twinstersize (@twinstersize), co-designed & produced by PYRATES · 

Madrid’s most prestigious women-only gym has chosen PYRATES to dress its coaches & personal trainers in PYRATEX® freshness & PYRATEX® health t-shirts PYRATES has also designed customisable crop and tank tops for the club’s members ·

Free diving champion & presenter Flavia Eberhard was shot underwater by award winning photographer Pepe Arcos in Tulum wearing a PYRATEX® - made outfit ·

PYRATES photoshoot in collaboration with ETQ. sneakers ·

Unique body-caring activewear, design by polish brand YCJ, made with PYRATEX® fabrics · 

French designer Noémie Devime presented a collection designed & made in Paris at Who’sNext in January 2018, putting the spotlight on PYRATEX® fabrics ·

Manu Varas